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When it comes to Indian cooking, grilling, frying and use of masalas can leave oil and grease marks on your kitchen tiles and ceilings. To avoid your kitchen turning into a stuffy space with tiles filled with stains and masala spills, get an electric chimney today.
Kutchina kitchen chimney makes your culinary experience a comfortable and enjoyable one
Why buy a kitchen chimney from Kutchina?
Touch-free cleaning: Innovative technology that does away with the need of buttons
Filterless chimney with great suction: High-suction power along with intelligent technology
100% copper winding motors: The motors are designed to work longer
High on durability factor : Sturdy chimneys made with alloy and metal to deliver chimneys that last longer
Lifetime warranty: Guaranteed power and convenience for a lifetime

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Kutchina Chimney Service, Repair, Installation & Cleaning.

Kutchina Chimney Paid Service

₹495.00 - ₹850.00.
We offer you one time Kutchina Chimney Cleaning , Repairing , Re installation with minimum price & efficient Authorized Technician support.

RE-Installation / Installation / Repair Service

₹950.00 - ₹1500.00
Installation and assembling of a chimney , pay per chimney.

Kutchina Milano
Kutchina sapphire

Annual Maintenance Contract For 1yr

₹1,500.00 - ₹8,000.00
We Provide Annual Maintenance Contract for Flat Chimney Model for 1 yr Period 5 no of Mandatory service. We have also offer 2 yr , 3 yr service A.M.C with discount benefit.

Repair Service

₹450.00 - ₹950.00
Visiting charges in case you decide to not go ahead with repair work.Complete diagnosis of chimney to identify problems like fan motor issues, wiring problem etc.Visiting charges if service not taken.


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We are glad to be of help to you. In case of any queries or complaints please reach out to us via WhatsApp or Call and we will take care of it the earliest.

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Why Kutchina is No.1 Brand

Best Kitchen Chimney brand in India (2020-2021) - Buyer"s Guide & Reviews, Following reason

Auto-clean is a technology which gives you hassle free experience of kitchen chimney and KUTCHINA is pioneer in INTELLIGENT auto-clean technology. I-Autoclean generation is the upgraded version of 1st and 2nd & 3rd generation.
Auto-clean is a technology which gives you hassle free experience of kitchen chimney and KUTCHINA is pioneer in auto-clean technology. 3rd generation auto clear is the upgraded version of 1st and 2nd generation. In previous generation it was water auto clean where you need to make a solution of water and liquid soap and put that inside the container for auto-cleaning. In 3rd generation you just press the auto-clean switch and machine starts cleaning internal housing through heat. It’s also called dry auto-clean / heat auto-clean.
Auto cleaning chimney equipped with Aluminum non-stick turbine blower through which cooking fumes passes. Due to centrifugal forces oil particles are forced to move toward blower wall and collected in easy to remove and washable collector/bowls. These detachable oil collector bowels have washed once a month depending on usage. This no extra effort to clean oil collectors. All you need is to press “auto clean” control button while cooking.
It is very user-friendly equipment. Well, Elica Provides a bunch of features and this one is one of them. Auto clean Chimney is easy to use and you know what it solves your problems. Yes, believe me, people, It is having the higher suction capacity that helps in sucking the oil, grease and harmful substance. You know what it"s very beneficial in the terms of your health, Yes, It gives you fresh air and of course, The thing is that it prevents our kitchen roof. Before buying, I had fear of ruining my kitchen roof, Now, I have Auto clean Chimney, It makes my life. Thank you Elica. It is totally lovely. It is made up of a stainless steel finish having touch having baffle filter. It has a warranty as well. It is beneficial. Must try.
Best Kitchen Chimneys in India (2020-2021) - Buyer"s Guide & Reviews No.1 Brand is KUTCHINA

Advantages of Auto clean

1. It prevents the oil, grease particles negatively affects the suction power of kitchen chimney that subsequently reduce kitchen chimney performance.

2. Aluminum non-stick turbine blower prevents oil clogging, therefore, increases the life time of internal parts.

3. As oil collected in bowls - hence no need to frequently wash the filter.

4. Easy maintenance and cleaning.

5. Reduces filter cleaning effort.

Kutchina I-Auto Clean & Dry, 3rd Generation Chimney
A chimney is fitted right above the cooking appliance. When turned on it sucks the oil, smoke, steam, odor generated during cooking. The oil gets trapped into the oil collectors and the odor, smoke, steam, heat is thrown out of the kitchen through the duct.
Exhaust fan can only through the smoke out from kitchen, and not other impurities like fume, tiny oil/food particles, odor, heat that a chimney can. A chimney is very effective. Chimneys are best option to maintain kitchen environment. One chimney will functions almost as 14 exhaust fans installed in a kitchen. And the fresh air maintained by chimney keeps your kitchen healthy too. It not only sucks the air/fume but it also traps the oil and keeps your kitchen clean.
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